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2nd International Marine & Freshwater Sciences Symposium / MarFresh2020 Venue: Şanlıurfa / Göbeklitepe: Zero point in Time

2nd International Marine & Freshwater Sciences Symposium (Marfresh2020) which will be held on 02-05 September 2020 in Şanlıurfa- Turkey. For more details please check out the web page of symposium at

6th anniversary of Ecologica Montenegrina

6th anniversary of Ecologica Montenegrina




February is always a special month for us at Ecologica Montenegrina. This week is the 6th anniversary of when our first articles were published - happy birthday to us !


We hope you will join us in celebrating our collective publishing achievements and we are thrilled to report that fair, and fast publishing options at EM journal continue to grow!


Further information can be found on our biotaxa platform:



New Book (Springer): The Skadar/Shkodra Lake Environment

The Skadar/Shkodra Lake Environment

Editors: Pešić, Vladimir, Karaman, Gordan, Kostianoy, Andrey G. (Eds.)




This book reviews the unique ecosystem of the Lake Skadar/Shkodra and its basin, and discusses the latest advances made in this region to face the impact of climate change. Divided into 23 chapters, the book gathers leading expertise from various scientific and engineering communities and provides readers with extensive discussions of core issues, including the water and sediment chemistry of Lake Skadar/Shkodra and the metal pollution that is evident in plants, aquatic invertebrates and fish. Readers will discover how a sustainable science-based management approach can be applied to the Lake Skadar/Shkodra region, and will learn about the environment prospects for the region. This book is intended as an essential tool for all scientists interested in the Lake Skadar/Shkodra environment – in particular those investigating the interactions between land and water, between limnology and biota, and between natural and cultural resources.


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