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The Pristine Balkan Rivers

ISEM Conference is pleased to welcome you all for the First International Workshop on the pristine Balkan Rivers which will be held in Budva, Montenegro!


 The pristine Balkan Rivers - from conflicts to science-based management


Friday, October 4th, 2019

Hotel Mediteran, Budva, Montenegro


ImageCrnovrska River in Serbia threatened by construction of a small hydropower plant.



Plenary lecture

09:00-09:30 Sajmir Beqiraj, Aleko Miho, Spase Shumka, Fritz Schiemer. Vjosa River, an ecosystem of European significance – its biodiversity values and expected impacts from projected hydropower plants 



Oral Presentations

(Chairmans: Dušanka Cvijanović and Sajmir Beqiraj)


09:30-09:40 Dušanka Cvijanović, Maja Novković ,Laszlo Galambos ,Milica Stojković Piperac,Johanna Weidendorfer, Bojan Damnjanović, Erika Lorencová, Andjelka Šikić, Kristina Purić, Bojana Arifi,Marko Orelj , Aleksandra Milovanović, Jelka Crnobrnja Isailović, Vladica Simić, Snežana Radulović. The Conservation Value of Macrophyte Communities in the Danube Floodplain in Serbia 


09:40-09:50 Ana Savić, Miodrag Đorđević, Mrđan Đokić, Dejan Dmitrović, Marina Jušković, Vladimir Pešić. Impact of Land Cover types and riparian vegetation on functional composition of macroinvertebrate communities in the Nišava River 


09:50-10:00 Ana Manović, Vladimir Pešić. Impact of the Highway Bar-Boljare priority section construction on the zoobenthos of the UNESCO protected Tara river  


10:00-10:10 Dea Zyruku, Alvi Xhullima, Sajmir Beqiraj.  Assessment of ecological and environmental state of Langarica River (south-east Albania), based on benthic invertebrates as bioindicators 


10:10-10:20 Bogić Gligorović, Vladimir Pešić, Aleksandra Gligorović.  Ecological patterns of Odonata in streams in Montenegro 


10:20-10:30  Ana Savić, Đurađ Milošević, Vladimir PešićImpact of small hydropower plants on river biota in region of Stara Planina Mt. (Eastern Serbia)


10:30-11:00 Coffe break 


11:00-11:45 Impact of small hydropower plants in Albania, Montenegro and Serbia - the truth behind the claims  - Discussion 

(Chairmans: Ana Savić, Sajmir Beqiraj and Vladimir Pešić)


11:45-12:00 Conclusions


New Projects and Book Presentations


12:00-12:15 Dušanka Cvijanović - Presentation of Project Toward Cost-Effective UAV-Assisted Multimetric System for Detection of Freshwater Patches of High Conservation Value within the Danube Floodplain in Serbia


12:15-12:30 Vladimir Pešić – The Book "The Skadar/Shkodra lake Environment" and Announcement of a new Springer Book Project – Pešić, V., Paunović, M. & Kostianoy, A. (Eds) “The Rivers of Montenegro” (The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, Springer International Publishing)